Testimonials for Sir Walks-Alot Dog Training and Dog Walking

Chuck and Mindy K. (Tiburon):  "The Kavitsky family includes a 200lb Mastiff. Dozer loves our family and we love Dozer.  But his best buddy is Robert. Their is a Dog Whisperer. Robert connects so well I would call him "The Dog Telepath." He has been a trusted companion to Dozer for five years. No one is better."

Addie and Bernnie B. (Fairfax):  "My very energetic Lab, Paris, has been group walking with Sir Walks-A-Lot since he was a puppy (5 years now). Paris is very well socialized with other dogs and humans thanks to their services.  He faithfully waits at the gate anticipating the arrival of his two and four-legged friends.  Thank you Sir-Walks-A-Lot!"

Michael M. (Mill Valley): "Our dog TigerLily is lucky enough to get walked by Robert at Sir Walks-Alot. He's professional, responsible, and possesses beyond-expert knowledge. He's a great guy, and is one of those rare people who has a very special way with dogs. In addition to having our dog walked, we have also done a training session with Robert, and it was extremely helpful - TigerLily can be a challenge (though it's clear she tries very hard to learn! :-) Robert cares, and knows his stuff. I really can't say enough about how grateful I am that we found him."

Ann T. (Mill Valley): " With Robert I'm confident my dog will have fun in a safe, disciplined environment."