Moya the Russian Dane

In the morning Moya started with a muzzle...      she needed it to move past reactive biting and protective mauling... Yeah, protective mauling. Possession of a human and confusion have led to a dangerous, situational killer. If we take the possession away she becomes normalized and if we take her most dangerous weapons away by using a cage muzzle we allow her to experience other dogs and an environment in a safer way. She has to submit to the process of our walk. I also must defend her from getting overwhelmed. We also use a Dogtra Remote collar to allow Moya to engage the world at a distance. She is trained in basic commands, sit, stay, recal, etc. The Dogtra collar in conjunction with the morning walk will allow Moya to loose the muzzle for the day. On the second walk she made a new friend, Bodhi. They hung out in the back of the truck and seemed to enjoy each others company on the midday walk. At the end of the day Moya had accomplished being off leash around dogs she would’ve normally gone after. She had a best friend who she may have attacked the day before. Now, given what she needed, boundaries, exercise, socialization and the pack, she can emulate proper dog behavior and interact safely. Any behavior that she displays that lead her to target or protect we resist immediately. Resist behaviors you do not want to see more of. Reward the behaviors that you want to see more of. #dogtrainingintiburon